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What can beat girls-on-girls? Nothing, I say. That’s not totally the selling point though, it’s those deliciously scrumptious muffs that are so good, men and women alike have to have a taste, or cop a feel. Sliding some fingers deep into the warmth, feeling the creamy saturation of a pussy just pulsating for some attention — yeah, that’s where it’s at, my friend. Check out this post I wrote not long ago, with some hot babes by the pool, to get all the salacious details on the discount to all Muffia sites.

Probably one of my favorite blogs, you should bookmark it so that you can stay abreast (no pun intended) of the latest deals and keep up with more Muffia discounts as they come along. This deal is so hot, it has a tendency to run out of space for discounted memberships, so if you encounter that issue, be sure to bookmark the page so you can jump on the discount when it comes back around!

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Its Real, and so is this very public massage!

Last week I pulled a back muscle while weight lifting, and my doctor recommended sports massaging to help reduce the strain. I want to get back to my gains, so I took his advice, and I’m glad I did. Do you know who primarily uses massages? Women! Sitting in the waiting room for my massage is like sitting in my own personal fantasy-land as I like to sit and think about how these hot women would look naked – and the soft pleasured moans they make during their massage.

On a recent search for erotic massages in public, I came across BoxTruckSex, and it’s luckily been letting me fulfill all of my fantasies with their videos. They invite random women off popular European streets into their truck. A lot of the women look pretty close to what I see at the massage parlor’s office even! They give out a free sex massage in public to any woman they think would be perfect for their videos, and being as they’re free, most women have a hard time turning them down!

Once the women make it into the truck, they’re in for a pretty big surprise. The entire truck is made of one-way mirrors! The women can see everybody around them on the busy European streets, but nobody can see into the truck. These hotties get naked for their massages, and of course, they end up getting even more turned on, and the videos soon turn into sex on a public street.

I wish I could get into that truck.

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The Art of Developing a Fuck Buddy

Make no mistake about it, fuck buddies are made. They are never born. That’s right, when you are thinking of having a fuck buddy, you have to be very purposeful and intentional about it. In other words, you don’t just start with your existing friends and try to convert them into potential sex partners. It doesn’t work. If you want a tremendous amount of drama and bullshit in your life, then I would suggest go ahead and do things that way.

However, if you’re like most people and you want your mental stability to be preserved, then you need to listen to me. You have to remember that a fuck friend or a fuck buddy is somebody that you cultivate from day 1. In other words, you become friends with that person with a mutual understanding that it can lead to somewhere physical.

You don’t go about the process as an afterthought. You don’t develop a friend first and then all of a sudden, you have this amazing idea that you would like to stick your dick in her. If you insist in doing things that way, chances are things will blow up in your face. Not only do you end up not having sex with that person, but you also end up losing what would otherwise have been an amazing friend. In other words, you become a double loser. So, do yourself a big favor and start looking at developing a fuck buddy from day 1 instead of thinking of the process as some sort of activity that you do after the fact.

Once you have started the friendship on the right foot (ie., you both know that it can lead to something freaky nasty and delicious later on), enjoy the journey by constantly teasing and having fun with each other. Keep it light. Keep it sexy. Keep it!

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